About Us

Empowering Your Business with Unwavering Security Expertise - Meet the 100+ Trained Management Staff of G5SS, Your Trusted Partner for Seamless Operations.


At G5SS, your security needs are our top priority. Our fleet of mobile operations is available around the clock to provide you with a comprehensive range of security services and manpower. We're dedicated to safeguarding various industries and environments, ensuring your peace of mind.

Our commitment to health and safety

At G5SS, we are committed to protecting the health and safety of our staff, clients and the communities.
Our staff members are trained to use risk minimization and risk avoidance strategies to make safety a priority as they carry out their duties. We strive to build teams with the ability to show initiative and take responsibility in difficult situations.
Our Occupational Health and Safely Policy is consistent with the role and duties of a Security Officer.
We have embraced ISO standards since 2002 Our work systems - including health and safety, environmental, auditing, service delivery and customer support - are documented and routinely reviewed to ensure that they remain at the highest standard.

PSARA License certificate

We proudly display our PSARA License certificate as a testament to our commitment to compliance and the highest standards in the security industry. This certification ensures that we adhere to the legal and regulatory requirements, demonstrating our dedication to providing trusted and reliable security services. Your safety and trust are our priorities.